Monday, June 11, 2012

Hooved Shoes - Finally for sale!

Bout time!
Basically all I can say for now, they're finally for sale!
If you're interested, check out my etsy
 If you'd like to see a video of these hooves, check my youtube

Anyway some details on these new hooves:

- They're made from a very durable epoxy that is not only wear-proof, waterproof, and shatterproof, but it makes that great clacking noise my first ones made
- These new hooves are much more lightweight and easier to walk in
- They're sculpted better to support your foot and prevent rolling backwards and falling in them
- They're molded, so every hoof you get will look exactly as the ones pictured
-  I will be releasing several styles and new hoof designs fairly soon
- You can submit a pair of heels that I can use in the shoes to discount your price and to ensure that they will fit you just as you'd like them to
- I will soon have several material options available
- Custom painting is free of charge
-  Each hoof is sculpted DIRECTLY onto the heel for the best available attachment and a permanent bond rather than gluing them on afterwards

Old pair vs New pair

Just a quick overview of what's improved in terms of old vs new.

Old Hooves
- Realistic look, very slender
- Arc support
- Large hoof - asthetic purposes
- Clacking noise that immitates real hooves
- Waterproof
- Shatterproof
- Durable

- Very heavy hooves, walking is strained after a few hours
- Must be very cautious with use due to weight
- Cannot walk offroad very well, paved areas needed
- Bottoms of shoes wear and crack after extended use
- Cannot run in shoes
- Large hoof, makes balance a bit more difficult, inhibits movement
- *Rollback problems

New Hooves
- Realistic look, very slender
- Arc support
- Smaller hoof, easier balance
- Lots of *rollback prevention
- Very lightweight
- Extremely durable
- Shatterproof
- Waterproof
- Highly wear resistant
- Clacking noise immitates real hooves
- Hooves molded directly onto shoe for a more stable bond

- Must use caution when in tiled areas, minimal friction
- Must use caution when walking on uneven surfaces

*Rollback - since there is nothing supporting the back of the shoe since there are no heels, shoes with their heels removed will always have a problem with rolling backwards, basically due to the fact that there is a lot of area of your feet that is being suspended in the air over the back.
This is why many people install wood sticks or metal poles to protrude behind the shoes to make walking easier and prevent the rollback.


  1. I just love the idea of these things! They're so adorable and nifty! I love the more realistic look to them, in comparison to those chunky-legged fursuit ones. I also can't wait to see what your tutorial looks like! Seriously considering purchasing a pair from you c:

  2. Let be buy a pair i am serious, how much?

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  4. I was wondering if you could post the exact kind of epoxy that you ended up using to make this because I would love to use it to make modifications to shoes that I need for costumes ^^"

  5. how can i get the hoof part. I like it for 3D paintings i make. please email:

    thank you,



  6. Please can I get a pair?


  7. Is it possible to get just the epoxy hooves? I need to put them on a specific type of shoe

  8. I realize this post is old, but.. I'd found the link on Etsy and it was sold before I'd had a chance, could I possibly commission you?