Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mission Statement and Contact Information

Hello everyone. My name is Kanti and this is my tutorial blog. I hope to accomplish great things in this blog and I hope to reach a large number of people with my work. But the most important thing of all to me is that I hope to inspire you to go above and beyond what I teach you here. When I teach you how to do something, I hope you can come up with a way to do it better. When I show you how to make something, I want you to come back and show me how to make it better. I want my website to become a center of questions and answers, where people can come with any sort of project and I will be able to tell them the best way to do it. Where people can speak with me and tell me about other methods or products I can use to improve or revise my tutorials.
I want my blog to be more than a blog and I want myself to be more than just a teacher. I'd love to be everyone's friend and I'd love to be the person you go to when you have a project you just can't seem to start yourself on.

To reach me, try one or more of the following methods:

Hotmail and MSN Messenger: 
My primary mode of contact. I strive to answer my email 5 or more times a day. I'm free to discuss tutorial questions, tutorial suggestions, custom orders, or anything else.
I try to log into MSN but it may be a longshot to try and speak to me using that.

Artist page: Search "Kanti Kane"
Like everyone else, I'm on facebook very often xD It's a great way to contact me but please don't use it for timely concerns because I delete the messages often. 

Kanti Kane
I check my etsy multiple times a day, so you may get a quicker reply from there depending on how busy I am. Here I try to discuss purchase information and custom orders.

Youtube is a nice way to contact me since I find myself listening to music on there often. I try to answer concerns regarding my videos on youtube but I'm available to discuss anything here as well.

I don't use AIM too often, but it's a great place to try if you'd like a more extensive or personal conversation with me with more immediate replies.

I try to check my deviantart often, perhaps 3 times a day. I can be contacted through here though I don't recommend it since my inbox is filled with questions that I don't necessarially want to delete yet.

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